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Thread: Disc Error #002

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    Disc Error #002

    Allright, I'm getting a problem with MW3 on my Wii. I've tried many tuts on how to fix the #002 error with no success. I recently installed HomeBrew and a few other apps following this tutorial : REMOVED OUTSIDE LINK . Everything went great until AFTER I used a code, here is the code I used :REMOVED CHEAT CODE
    I got it off of, REMOVED OUTSIDE LINK . The code leveled my profile to level 80, all I did was add the code to my SD Card, Go into the Gecko OS I downloaded on the HomeBrew Browser, set the settings as the tut said, and launched the game. After recognizing it leveled me to 80, I decided to go back to the Wii Home. I then clicked the disc channel, click Play, and it gave me Disc error #002. This only happens on Modern Warfare 3, my other games work fine. I did not add a custom button activator, I've no idea what that means. I have the physical disc, I do not have MW3 Downloaded, I've the disc and all; I bought it. All help is appreciated. I am willing to give a few dollars via PayPal to whoever helps me. Just post all help below, and if your advice works, I will give you a couple dollars.Thanks everybody!
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    Please stick to one thread when asking questions, and be patient and wait for a response.

    Closing this thread as OP has made another post regarding the same issue in the syscheck thread HERE.


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