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Thread: WiiBackupManager 0.3.4

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    WiiBackupManager 0.3.4

    am using WiiBackupManager 0.3.4 to put boom street on to my hard drive it installs to the hard drive but when i plug the hard drive in 2 the wii the usb loader just goes back to main menu have i done some thing wrong here is what ive install
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    Did you follow the softmod any wii guide like suggested in the other thread. If not do it now. There is a link in the spoiler below. And next time you are getting help in one thread don't start another one.

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    so is it ok to just reinstall over the softmod ive done

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    ok thanks you

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    right got the usb loader working now but there is no box art how do i download the box art via the wii or is there a easy way


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