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    Hi all,

    Im new around here and feeling a bit clueless. Followed te ModMii guide only to find out that Iv got 4.3 and would need to use Letterbomb to mod my Wii. Wrote down my Mac-adress but the ran into problems. The homepage were Im supposed to write in the Mac-adress and get the compressed files to insert onto my SD-card doesnt seem to work. Anyone know if this is just a temporarly down or if it has been put down permanently?

    If so, is there any other way for me to mod my console?

    My goal with all this is to be able to play games/movies over WIFI. Got a 2.5" usb-HDD connected to my router(ASUS RT-N56U).

    help very much appreciated..

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    1. Post in the introduce yourself forum to get some must know information.
    2. Follow the softmod any wii guid in that response.

    As for playing games off of WiFi, don't hold your breath. Unless someone new JUST came out, you're going to have to hook the hard drive directly to the wii. WiiMC can hook to NAS though.


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