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Thread: wad manager + yoshi's story = error -1022

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    wad manager + yoshi's story = error -1022

    hi all, thanks for reading my first post.
    i can install/uninstall wads on my wii using wad manager rev17, vc or wiiware, as long as they are NTSC.
    only one not working is yoshi's story, i tried different versions, all not working.
    i had it installed last year but did not have the classic controller, and delete the channel.
    now i can't re-install it, each time it prompts this annoying 1022 error.
    any clue ?

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    you should be able to just download it again from the shop channel for free,as long as it is the same wii

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    that doesn't help much as i now live in china where the shopping channel nor the xbox market can be accessed (i tried with vpn, but need to buy a special expensive router...).
    but thanks for your suggestion


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