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Thread: Banner Bricks? this also apply to forwaders?

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    Banner Bricks? this also apply to forwaders?

    i have read up a lot since being here, and noticed the easy way of bricks are banner bricks.
    this is the malformed banner size that crashes the system when installing a channel etc right?

    so is this exactly the case for forwarder channels? since it also installs the image on the channel?

    say i had 3 different wad manager or different apps that can be run from the hbc via the sd card alone.
    is there no way i can come accross a banner brick if the channel/fowarder is not installed into the system?

    also can running roms/porly dumped games/and or homebrew games/apps cause any kind of banner brick
    if they are not installed and just run from the SD card or usb deivice

    thanks in advance people!

    just got back from the gym supprised no-one has answered this guess everyone is working still lol.
    hoping it's not been ignored as a stupid or silly question. i have searched the forum for this and as usual cant find any mention of it.

    thanks to the regular staff members who have helped hoping to hear from someone with experience with this soon
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    wads get installed into your NAND. Your system menu is in your NAND. Homebrew apps and games on SD or USB don't install into your nand so they are not nearly as risky (unless they specifically write the nand). If you never install the wad, you'll definitely be safe. I've been installing wad forwards from different sources a lot and haven't had any problems. I could be wrong but if you have priiloader properly installed, it should be fairly easy to recover if something does happen.

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    thanks for the reply thats only partly answered the question though it answered the part about the apps staying on the sd card
    and not installed. but doesn't answer if a forwarder wad is installed and the banner is the wrong size would this be exactly the same as a channel wad (banner bricked)?

    or can you not banner brick a forwarder channel?

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    I'm not 100% sure so i didn't want to mislead you but as far as I know, yes you can bannerbrick your wii with a wad forwarder just as with an app. The functionality of the wad doesn't matter much in this scenario. Priiloader is your best protection against it.

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    thanks so better safe than sorry and just run everything from the sd card?

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    If you install wads from reliable sources (like ones linked from this site) you will have no problem. Any bad wad could cause a banner brick. But if you can open priiloader then you can get into homebrew channel and use mmm or wad manager to remove the bad wad. Just remember never remove a IOS below 200. That could cause a way worse brick.


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