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Thread: i boy might of made a slip up here?

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    oh! boy might of made a slip up here?

    Hiya guys, ok when i modded my wii using the excelent guide i followed it (what i thought to the letter)
    but even though my wii is fully modded and working great i come accross something i think i might of made a mistake with
    and hoping someone knowledgable can help with.

    on the part after installing bootmi (to make the nand backup) in the guide it said before doing this
    prepare the SD Card.. well every step of the way i self formated the SD card to fat32 before doing each new step

    i created my nand backup it said verifying no errors backup susscessfully and i then took the 3 files and stored on the pc.
    but now i am wondering if i was meant to hit the "prepare the SD card..." option on the hackmii/bootmii installer screen??

    would this option of prepair the SD card on the menu do anything differently than when i self formatted the sd card to fat32???
    in other words with me not clicking the option on the menu to prepair the card in the format it probably wanted is my nand useless now?

    Thanks guys.
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    No. Your fine.

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    phew great! so what would this prepare SD card option do that normal windows fat 32 formatting wouldn't?


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