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Thread: I think something broke. (flashing screen)

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    I think something broke. (flashing screen)

    First, this may be a hardware problem and not a software problem, but I'm obviously not an expert. When I first played games from a portable hard drive (followed mauifrog's guide), everything played fine and dandy. Now whenever my hard drive is plugged in, my Wii keeps flashing to a black screen, happening more frequently the longer I play a game/leave it on. Games are practically unplayable now through a hard drive. Currently running on 4.1U.

    Also, in case my Wii might physically break, what are some things I can do to back up all of my stuff so I can restore it in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    Post a system check. Could be your hard drive is on its way out.
    How do you do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    There is a link in the spoiler below.
    Here it is.


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    Unplug then plug ur wii

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    Your syscheck looks ok. Have u tried a flash drive or a different hdd to see if it does the same thing. That would narrow the problem down to the Wii or the hdd.

    You can use savegame manager to back up your saves if its your Wii.


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