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Thread: Third party stuff quality?

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    Third party stuff quality?

    The general consensus is that you always shall go for first party if you want to be "secure", but just how do third party do in comparison?

    I'm thinking about getting a 3rd party RGB cable, are most of those good even when compared to the official?

    I've considered getting 3rd party Wiimote/plus and nuncuck as well, though I guess they're much more risky

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    I have an off brand component video cable that works great. Got it for $5 on fleabay a few years ago. I personally have always stuck with big N wiimotes, so couldn't tell ya about those.

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    I have a third party component cables, one of those ones that have a connect for Wii, PS3, and Xbox360. Got it at gamestop for way cheaper than the big N one with just the Wii connect. And it has worked great, even with all the plugging and unplugging I do with it, playing different consoles.

    The closest to a off brand wiimote I have bought is one of those cheap fleabay ones from china. Works good though. I also have a nyko charging station and that works just as good as the nintendo one.

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    Ok, sounds good.

    After comparing pictures, it seems like the cable I'm looking at is Logic3. I read one user review mentioning it forced widescreen(my TV is 4:3, but has an anamorphic mode)...I think I will go for that at least, I could get a game for what the official one costs here!


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