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Thread: 10 Minute Wireless Sensor "Bar"

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    10 Minute Wireless Sensor "Bar"

    Nice trick if anyone's interested or broken their sensor bar.

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    that may come in handy at some point.......

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    Ok, I know it works but you wont need the sensor bar for tennis anyway.

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    yeah i love how he said that Tennis Obviously uses the sensor bar cause it isnt very obvious, ans should be apparent to anyone who know how use LED's and batteries lol.

    Also i think that u need to use a resistor aswell in there somewhere no?
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    is pretty cool... but how long does the batteries last with a led plug on to it? 1 week?

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    ... or for $10 buy a Wireless Sensor Bar that has an on/off switch on ebay instead.

    Pretty neat idea tho.

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    i gotta try this if my sensor screws up looks fun

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    pretty cool

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    i may have to try this, after the next time a trip overmy bar or the cat bats it off the stand and it breaks this time hahah

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