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Thread: Lost wads, dols, elfs, wbfs IOS CiOS and anything else?

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    Lost wads, dols, elfs, wbfs IOS CiOS and anything else?

    I have followed the guide on fully softmod the wii everything works perfectly i guess
    i now have all these new channels, new apps to tinker around with but now i would like
    to learn about the different jargon spoken here.

    I did search all day but because dol, wad, elf, ios etc is less than 4 chars it will not show
    anything up in the search box it says add more words well adding more words didn't do it for me.

    Maybe there is a page explaining all this but i can't find it no matter how many guides i looked through.

    probably going to be shot here but i guess only way to learn is ask questions so here goes.

    1. what is a wad? is it a game file? a channel? i have seen people saying they have installed games as wads
    then heard people say they have installed channels as wads so this is really confussing me.

    2. elf/dol ? guess this is the code use to boot the application? again just a guess

    3. IOS and CIOS? i would really like someone to explain to me what these are and what they do

    4. Games i heard people saying they have as backups running is wbfs files, others says they are wads
    others say they are iso's i know wbfs is a filesystem and you need a wbfs filemanager to transfer these to a drive
    but why? i know windows cannot read them but why can't they just be simply copied and pasted as a file from say C: to D: drive?

    Next i own a copy of old street fighter 2 from the snes so i decided to burn this rom into the Pun-emu iso and burn it.
    putting this into the drive says cannot read the disc, but loading this dvd from neogamma for instance works fine and great!
    but i thought loading DVD's didn't work on wii's i thought everything had to be on wbfs partitions, or the file had to be wbfs itself or an iso??

    so yea i have a fully modded wii, i have games now i own which i will be learning how to rawdump and i have roms i own
    but i am totally lost when it comes to should these games be converted to iso, wbfs, wads, if i put the iso of the game (when i make it)
    onto the SD stick or USB HDD will the backup loaders load up a .iso file? or does this need to be converted to .wad or .wbfs.

    this forum is great really is so many clever people talking about everything how to get this to work and that to work.
    convert this to that and that to this, but i really am struggling to understand a lot of it and the funny ironic part is i am a programmer! of 33 years!

    so if i am confussed with all the terminoligy and jargon i am sure everyone else is.

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    Take a look at "Blu's rundown " in my sig.

    You can also take a look here:

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here


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    appreciated looking at both them now

    quick suggestion change the "search to 3 chars" as anyone searching for any of these
    will get the sorry cannot be found try using more search words or phrases.

    Reading them 2 threads now again thank you!


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