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Thread: Wii Updated need to soft mod again

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    Wii Updated need to soft mod again


    I modded a family members Wii and everything was fine, USB loaders and the HB channel was working fine but I got a call that it has an error and not working.

    I asked and found out that someone rented a game and tried to run it. The game of course said that "There is an update that needs to be applied etd etc" I'm guessing that was applied and
    maybe some stubs were put in so that the USB loader does not work now.

    I wanted to know if there there was a best recommended way of looking for what needs to be re-patched or should I just start over?
    This time I plan to use something that will prevent updates from being taken.

    Now, I know that I haven't posted any information as to what ver of the Wii system menu is up etc. I just received it last night and I have not had a chance to hook it up and get all of the information.
    I will update this post with that information as soon as I get it.

    For now, if there are any suggestions I'll be glad to listen and report back.


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    Got that and will follow it step by step.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Thanks! Everything is up and working again. Great guide! Thanks to the author(s) and thanks for the tip.


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