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Thread: Download Resident 5 demo

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    Quick Guide to Getting Japanese 360 Gold:

    Go here:
    Sign up a new account, Click "No, sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail e-mail address"
    Pick JAPAN for your country, pick Tokyo-to as your Prefecture 150-2345 for your zipcode
    Keep going, and then have it set you up with a address.
    Go to your 360, and create a new profile. Log in using your hotmail address on your 360, and it should set it to Japan.
    If this is less than your 4th trial account you get gold free, so select yes when it asks you. (the RE5 demo requires Gold standing)
    How to actually download the demo via Japanese Xbox LIVE Marketplace:

    Login to your Japanese Gold account
    Once logged in press the xbox button in the middle of your controller to bring up the "old" dashboard
    Navigate to the market place tab, then go to Game Marketplace
    From Game Market place navigate all the way down to ALL GAMES
    Then from ALL GAMES. Then go to "ALL" (instead of trying to understand japanese alphabet). Then just scroll through all the games until you get to BioHazzard 5 (it should be 270 of 40
    Once you get to BioHazzard 5, the first screen should say "Get Demo" and viola you are downloading the demo. Should be like 472 MBs.

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    u can also download as a torrent from mininova.. burn to dvd-r ,dvd + r and i believe also a cd -r. file isnt real big.. once u dl stick the whole folder labeled content in and burn. go to demos on ur dashboard and it should be there. also do not sign on live.. 360 demo.. be sure to thank me if this help and cant wait for game.
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