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Thread: Wiikey 2 & USB Loader GX v2.3

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    Wiikey 2 & USB Loader GX v2.3

    I have been trying to read through the posts to figure out the best option. It is been getting harder and harder to keep up with all the IOS's needed for the games. My Wii is still 4.1 with many IOS's loaded via homebrew. I even just got skylanders to work with the PC USB portal as my backup.

    How does the mod chip help me, if i play my backups from USB-loader GX. I went to USB loader to avoid having many backup discs along with the originals.

    It seems if I just update my wii to 4.3, I will lose region-free capabilties when playing discs. It seems to be a Huge No No to go past 4.1 if you do not have too.

    If I go to 4.3, do i still need to load all the IOS's for the games in USB loader GX.

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    you could just softmod it.. many people do that..

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