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Thread: I couldnt make my own thread please help

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    I couldnt make my own thread please help

    I gave my cousin my 4.3u softmodded wii that is now on 4.1u that's set to auto click a at health screen and auto boots to CFG he got it home hooked it up and now can't sync his wiimotes since he can't get to health screen what can be done I've looked all over for two days now and can't find a definitive answer is there a file on the sd that can be taken out or changed to stop auto clicking a or can he put a game in the drive or? His kids keep messing up his mods so I thought it was a good idea to auto boot but I should of left the health screen alone any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hold down reset and keep hold of it and power on...
    Go into priiloader and set auto boot to system menu and save.

    Should boot to the system menu on power up now....

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    Thank you so much for the quick response I'll have him do that when he gets home from work and I'll read up on how to properly start a new thread you guys are awesome


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