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Thread: Which Cards?! To many choices! Need some user input please.

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    Which Cards?! To many choices! Need some user input please.

    We have 5 DS systems in our home. With all the card options to chose from... I have no idea which cards to get! Maybe some of you card pros can help me out with the decisions.

    System 1: DS Lite
    User: 4 yr old
    Wanting: something with a very simple menu but that grow with him the older he gets. When he turns it on, I would like something that could possibly let him see the games box art or something since he can not read yet. Something that I could put music/movies/possibly books for him to enjoy. Something with lots of space (I guess that can take bigger micro Ads).

    System 2: DS (I will have to triple confirm this after school today)
    User: 11 yr old
    Wanting: pretty much the same as above. She is able to read so should be able to navigate things a bit better but don't want something to overly complex. Pressing or tapping 100 things to get what she is wanting rly isn't her style. Storage size is of course important as well. She really wants all the bells and whistles. She never leaves home without it and carries it everywhere.

    System 3: DSXL
    User: Adult
    Wants anything and everything they can get. All the options. Storage is a must.

    System 4&5: 3DS
    User: Adults
    Again wants all the options. Large storage space. Etc etc etc.

    You can't run 3D games in 3D from a card correct? But can run any and all original DS games, right? (I hope they figure out how to do that soon) How do I get the games I have already purchased on the card?
    Trusting a 11 yr old with a pouch full of games is hard enough and now that the 4 yr old has an interest... I can see a lot of money in games being lost or stolen. Having 1 game card that he knows not to remove would be 10x easier then having to change the cards every 20 mins.... hearing them fight over the same game... and watching them slowly disappear.

    Thanks so much for trying to help me with these decisions. I want to go ahead and get everything purchased and started... but getting the right cards.... for the right systems... and the right options is killing me. Ugh!

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    Hi Dude, I use AceKard 2i for most of my DS mods with a 4gb chip. You need to look in the DS section on this site, there are alot of very clever guys, Who specialise in DS ???? mods. There are many cards, read read read and make your choice.
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    Not a dude... female... haha
    Well I have read a lot of the reviews but aside from the one that compares the 5 different cards.... there rly aren't any that states this is more younger kid friendly then say this one. I need knowledge from ppl that have actually used the cards.... or have users that are using the cards for the same type of users I have. When U look for and at cards... there are just so many options and its extremely overwhelming.

    Thanks for the link. I came here because these guy have always helped me out with all my other modding needs and I trust them. Thanks for pointing me to a place that's probably more along the lines of what I'm gonna need.
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    R4i SDHC will do all you ever need. And no, you can not run 3DS roms from a flash cart

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    Those are the same cards U can put bigger micros in correct?
    Are R4i SDHC all the same? (Probably so since its the hardware portion)
    Then do I just have to pick which style of software to flash it with?

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    Sorry MaaM, CAKES so sweet you are, I understand where you are coming from. AceKard 2i has been good for me, DS,DS lite DS XL. Never tried 3DS ( but i've read there work also) I use AKAIO software to run them My wife and my grandchildren can use them. 6 <> 50 years of age so if you follow a guide you will be,,,,,,,sweet Cakes.

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    yeah, they can go up to to 32GB I believe, haven't had the need to go past 8GB, even with videos on them... there are alot of flash carts, and alot more are clones, it is a mess trying to sort them all out, I have this one that I had gotten for oldest granddaughter's DS, works great, easy for her to understand, and I have this one for myself in my XL, works flawlessly.

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    Excellent! That's exactly what I was looking for!
    I am going to research and read both about the cards and software you suggested. I grately appreciate your help in this matter. With so many options and so many possibilities... I wasn't sure where to go. (And its amazing how many sites out there claim to have cards that do this or that... or whatever... and I rly don't want to buy from someone on craigslist claiming they can sell me 200 games on one card.) Im a DIY kinda girl and wanna figure it out myself. (Plus not trying to do anything illegal like I'm sure that is) I just want all my games in one place and all the options the DS has to offer.
    Thanks again. =]

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    Hi, We have 3ds, dsi and nds and we use acekard2i in all of them, never had any probs with them, kids have been using them since they where six years old, nice and easy to update and great website too. Good luck!!

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    Thanks so much! Im googling away right now.

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