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Thread: Banner Bricked 4.2 with SaveMiiFree not upgrading to 4.3 firmware like it should

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    Banner Bricked 4.2 with SaveMiiFree not upgrading to 4.3 firmware like it should

    I have a banner bricked 4.2U that I purchased from a consignment shop. It hangs at the health and safety screen, and the software is in an unknown state. The wiimotes can turn it on or off.

    I followed, I think, the suggestions found here, one problem being "how in the heck do I know whether I have cIOSCORP installed or not":

    However, I don't currently have a drive chip. Can't I dump and burn some game that I own that has the newer firmware (Like Just Dance II), then use the Wii autoboot patcher found here to make it load?

    That seems to be implied, in other words, will these steps work?

    1) Using SaveMiiFree, confirm that I can get to 4.2U in the recovery console (done)
    2) Burn and then patch an ISO of my Just Dance II which has newer firmware (supposedly) 4.3U.
    3) "Autoboot" that and apply the firmware patches to fix whatever hosed wad/banner/etc might be stopping the standard boot.

    (When I try to run the non-patched disc at step 3, the screen simply goes from 4.2U to a black screen)

    Please let me know if that's a good road to proceed down on, gracias.

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    Well, I hope god blesses those who help themselves. Will get dual-layer CD and attempt to burn using the thoughts above and report back.

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    Yes!! I got Metroid, the other "M" (I have a PIC programmer and a chip but haven't needed it), and the firmware through the SaveMIIFree method then upgraded to 4.3u, and I have a functional WII!


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