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Thread: 2 Config USB Loader Questions

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    2 Config USB Loader Questions

    I'm new to Wii hacking and recently got the Configurable USB Loader for my Wii. I've managed to figure out almost everything about it but am still having two issues with it.
    One of them is about the theme. I configure the USB Loader on my computer with the configurator program to show the Blue2011 theme on start up but it keeps booting on the Glass theme. How can I fix this?
    My second problem is about the cover style when I select a game. I want it to appear 3d instead of full. Is there a way to change this?

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    Hey Marth0, I'm sure when you change anything in the configurator, you have to save and install. ( I'm at work don't have access to config) If you look at your saved config.txt It's on the root of your Hard drive / SD whichever setup you are using, you may have enough about you to realise that you can change and save there also. Have a look the line that says theme= Glass change to theme = blue2011, You must have the theme saved in the themes folder.
    You can also change the covers view in the config settings. I only use 3d myself. If you are still having problems PM me I will post a sample config. In the morning when i'm home.

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