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Thread: Usb Loader GX locked up CIOS and stack dumps when attempting to change

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    Question Usb Loader GX locked up CIOS and stack dumps when attempting to change

    Hello Forum,

    I want to thank everyone here for their hard work and support!

    Background: I attempted to use a different cIOS in Usb Loader GX because I could load my backed up Wii games from the WBSF partition of my usb drive but it would not run the wiiware games, as if it could not communicate with the files in FAT32 partition that wad2iso created. *These are games that we have bought over the years but I wanted to have better access to our purchases.

    The Problem: I switched the cIOS in Usb Loader GX to cIOS236 and it immediately froze and dropped me to the Wii menu. When I tried to reopen Usb Loader GX, to change cIOS236 back to cIOS249, Usb Loader GX would open but stack dumps every time I try to access the options tab to change the cIOS back to 249. So I went into MMM to manually change to cIOS249. I can change it and exit but when I re-enter MMM the cIOS is defaulted to cIOS236. Because of this I opened MMM and reinstalled cIOS236 and then cIOS249rev17, did not solve issue. Then I continued reading these forums, I found someone who had a similar problem and discovered that if the cIOS is changed in Usb Loader GX then it is basically locked to that cIOS and can only be changed in Usb Loader GX, despite what is loaded in MMM.

    So now I am confused about how to change the cIOS back to 249? I made a backup of my SD card, formatted the SD and then loaded the files that were on the SD card shortly after I softmodded but after that I could not load Usb Loader GX (it was loaded on that early SD backup). I am now afraid that I might have loaded or confused the Wii by updating cIOS revisions to address my original problem of not being able to load wiiware titles. Would the best way to fix my issue to just re-softmod it back to default?

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: spec details

    Black Wii 4.3U
    Softmodded with ModMii
    WD MyBook HDD with WBSF and FAT32 partition
    Followed all guides from here step by step for setup (ran into no problems until WiiWare titles would not run in Usb Loader GX, we only have 3 titles)
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    Delete your config files, this should revert GX to load 249. should be located in the gx folder in /apps. or if you have an older version of the loader, try in /config on your sd card

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    Thanks Shano56, I will try as soon as I get home.

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    Thanks Shano, fixed the problem. Previously I had copied new usb loader gx files into the apps folder but did not erase the config files in the folder, i pasted without looking into the folder for a config file.

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    No prob mate


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