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Thread: Wii no longer reads games after installing Homebrew

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    Wii no longer reads games after installing Homebrew

    Allright, my basic problem is already in the title. Here is a list of all of the things I have done on my Wii since the last time I played a game on it:

    1. Downloaded and installed Homebrew from LetterBomb
    I did not install Bootmii (I know it says to do that in the tutorials on this site, but i only found this site after the error occurred)
    2. In the Homebrew channel, I tried to run Bootmii because I was curious why that option existed when I didn't install it. The Wii froze on a black screen, so I waited approx. 1 minute then held the power button for 5 seconds to turn the wii off. 3. Then I turned it on again, but only tried putting in a pirated version of the game on a DVD. It didn't work, but I didn't try any original Wii games
    4. Downloaded and Installed IOS236 according to these instructions [removed link]
    During the install in step 2 I chose i want to pirate games (not because I actually want to pirate games I dont own, but because a game disk of mine broke and I didn't have a backup, so I wanted to play a pirated version of the game) This caused the application to say something along the lines of "pirating is bad, don't do it. Now you can't use this application." According to the forum on that page though, other people have had the problem and it goes away if you leave your wii turned off for a while. I did that and it went away, so I ran the app again and chose the non pirating option this time, it seems to work fine.
    5. Noticed no games worked
    6. DLed and installed Bootmii according to the instructions from [removed link] (the ones for if you already have the HBC) and then made a backup, I had 4 bad blocks.
    7. Asked for help on the internet. Please help me save my wii, I will be eternally thankful!♥

    Oh, and my firmware is 4.3u

    Ok, apparently I can't post links, both of the removed ones are from the GAF's Wii homebrew tutorial on Wikidot.
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    Just use the softmod any wii guide. It should fix your wii. If not, let us know.
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