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Thread: WiiKey 2 PAL only problem

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    Unhappy WiiKey 2 PAL only problem

    Hey all!

    Well I kind of have a little problem, I bought my Wii about 2 years ago, and installed a WiiKey2 in it. Everything was working fine, lend it to a friend, he burned something to a DVD and it sort of partly bricked (have no clue as to how to call this), since the Wii is originaly PAL it was kinda weird but after that only NTSC games worked, he tried to fix it himself, burned something to a DVD again, and now only PAL games work, well to put it simply I would just like to make the Wii "region free" again. Is there some sort of way to do this simply like with gamecube, when you just had a DVD Freeloader and everything worked?


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    Kinda hard to figure out what is happening with your wii. But nevermind the lack of info. I can tell you this. If you softmod your wii with the softmod any wii guide, it will restore your region free. I think what you are saying is your friend updated to either 4.2 or 4.3 and you lost region free for your WiiKey 2. So after your done with the softmod you will be on 4.1 and your region free will be restored. There is a link to the guide in the spoiler below.

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    Awesome did not know that I could softmode it when WiiKey is actually installed. Thank you so much for the info, going to work right now

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