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Thread: HELP newbie

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    HELP newbie

    hi all

    ive mob a wii b4 but it was too new so backup didnt work off a dvd so didnt finish it off

    ive got my mates wii ive cheacked it says 75% on chip or some thing

    i know how to mod it to get homebrew channel on all i want help on is what els doin i need to install on the wii? what is iospatcher? do i need that?

    if there is some 1 nice out there to give me abit of help will add me on msn

    thanx ste
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    I've removed your Email address for your safety, because you were a sitting duck for spammers.

    All you need to do is follow the softmod any wii guide. Then you'll have a nice up to date wii.


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