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Thread: getting Super Smash Bros. to work on my Wiikey 2

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    getting Super Smash Bros. to work on my Wiikey 2

    Hi, i want to get Super Smash Bros. working on my modded Wii. I have a WiiKey 2 with 3.3 firmware. I have the DVD5 file , will it play on my Wii? I found this article and just wondering what you guys think regarding this matter. Playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on a Modded Wii | Code Retard
    Will this work? Anyone try it yet?
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    simple way and no point going to another site

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    The DVD5 Brawl is truchasigned and won't work on 3.3 unless you use homebrew to load it.

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    ok, being that i am a total noob but do have the wiikey. What is the easiest way to install homebrew as of now? I found a iso installer but it says i have to have 3.2 firmware or lower.

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    zelda and an sd card.....

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    if i have a wiikey chip do i still have to do a firmware downgrade? Right now i am running v3.3 flawlessly.

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    you can do the IOS 51 patch, but its not advised to update

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    wouldn't it be easier to do the twilight hack and run this game from Gecko?

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    no, IOS 51 is a 1 time thing, for any future fake signed game
    gecko OS, is a every time thing

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    no comprendo??

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