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Thread: Game freeze issues

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    Game freeze issues

    I recently got a softmodded 4.3u wii and hdd with games on it and have been having problems with some games not working or freezing in the middle of the game. Any advice on how to fix them?

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    Which games are they... you should know that some games wont work...
    check USB Game Compatibility Table - WikiTemp
    If it is a PAL game, try going to settings and gameload i believe(dont have the wii in front of me) and go to video load(the first one) and click it until it shows FORCE NTSC, and click Save.
    Hope I helped

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    After you check out what 2Hack has to offer, try the basics. Like HDD compatibly? Sleep settings on your HDD? SoftMod up to date and over heating? These are just some topics I dealt with. Good luck.


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