I've got an actual copy of Super Mario Galaxy for my NTSC-U Wii, and a backup copy. There's a known bug for the game on some older Wii models where it'll freeze in the opening cutscene, rendering the game unplayable, I've tried multiple discs (from my friends) and they all freeze in the beginning part too, the only fix I've known for this is to get a new Wii, or use a game save which is past the opening cutscene, now I've got a question about SaveLoader GX, I got a save from wiisave which is just past the opening cutscene, and I'm wondering how would I get the gamesave to load on my Wii? The app shows up in HBC, and I've got a data.bin file but no idea where to place it.

EDIT: I mean SaveGame Manager GX, I wasn't sure of the app name until after I posted the topic.