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Thread: I got scared...

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    I got scared...

    and decided I didn't want to take a chance on bricking my Wii. What scared me was reading that running updates off of a game disc could brick it if it's hacked. Problem is, I've already hacked it using Letterbomb. I know it'll never be "virgin" again, but is there a way to get it back to a point where it'd be safe to run whatever updates from whatever source and not have to worry about it? I'll need to know this if I ever sell or give it away anyway.

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    Why don't you continue to softmod? If you are worried about disc backups, then start using USB loaders such as USB Loader GX. They are much more convenient as all they require is a USB with games on it.

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    If you just have hbc installed, it's unlikely that (particularly if you dont use it) that you'll do anything to brick it. I'd let it be.


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