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Thread: USB HDD Problems

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    USB HDD Problems

    I am having troubles with my USB HDD and could not find a solution anywhere in the forums.
    Here is my SysCheck:


    My USB HDD is an ST332062 0A - Seagate Barricuda 7200.1 320gb formatted to NTFS. I also tried it as WBFS.
    It is in the 300+GB category of the WiiHacks Compatiblity List .

    I followed MauiFrog's Guide to softmod the Wii and Cile's Guide for the USB HDD preparation.
    Both of them I triple checked before proceeding with each step so as to make sure I didn't miss anything.
    My problems (with the Wii & HDD) are as follows:
    When loading the HBC with the USB HDD connected, the screen goes black until I turn off the USB HDD. As soon as it's shut off, HBC loads.
    When trying to load through CFG USB Loader, it is not detecting the drive.
    When trying to load through WiiFlow, it displays the contents of my SD card instead of the USB HDD.

    I also have an 8gb flash drive formatted to WBFS and it loads games fine in CFG & WiiFlow.

    I am new to this and have searched to find a solution but have not come up with anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    If I need to post any additional information, please let me know and I will get it posted ASAP.
    Thanks for your help & time guys and gals!
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    Make an intro post if you dont want all your posts to be moderated.

    Check HDD compatible list to see if yours is on there.

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