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Thread: Gave up hardmod, help plz?

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    Gave up hardmod, help plz?

    Well, my girlfriend just got an original Zelda skyward sword and decided to just use original games, no backups or homebrews.
    Her wii is hardmod. What she should do?
    The game requests an update when she starts it. Should she update it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You got three main options:

    1. Contact the hardmodder and ask them if they can undo it.

    2. Update, which may brick your wii (I have no idea on this issue, so don't do it until someone else posts more info on this).

    3. Softmod over the hardmod (yes you can!) and I'm pretty sure you can install cIOSs which will allow you to play games requiring a newer firmware.

    Obviously, option 1 is the best, but DO NOT DO OPTION 2 yet as it may have a 100% chance of bridling your wii, for all I know.

    Sorry if I didn't give enough info!

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    Personally I'd say softmod. Set it to block updates, then you have the best of all worlds. With it you'll be able to:
    * Play originals
    * Play backups (via disc channel since u have a chip)
    * Rip your games to a HD and play with a loader.

    If you choose to, you are safe to update. It will take you to 4.3, which will complicate it a little if you decide to softmod down the line, but it's not impossible.


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