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Thread: Need for speed pro street

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    Need for speed pro street

    I recently softmodded my 4.3u wii and everything is great but some of the games on my hard drive dont work or freeze durring game play. For instance Need for Speed Pro Street freezes half way through the speed race at the same place after going thru the tunnel. I have to hold down the power button to reset the wii... hence i am enable to beat the speed king! Any ideas on how to fix this issue or do I need to download this game again and delete the current one?

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    A guaranteed fix would be to go buy the game instead of downloading it like you mentioned in your post. And as a side note, remember those forum rules you agreed to? You know, the part the stated that WiiHacks does not support piracy.

    Please take a look at this thread. It might make some sense if the forum rules didn't.

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