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    I'm considering soft modding my sons wii and i have a question. Ive watched a number of videos and guids and have got the basics of how to do it with letterBomb. What i want to do is use it to put games on an external HD and play from there. Can u download games and do it or do u need the disk to copy from? I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no place to rent games but i know there are lots to be downloaded.

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    Sorry you're not going to get any help here. The site rules strictly prohibit piracy. That includes downloading games or rent-rip-returns. The only advice I will give is to:

    1. Post in the welcome section to get a good starter of reading material.
    2. READ and learn from this site (youtube videos can't be trusted)
    3. NEVER EVER post anything related to piracy again. Mods will probably lock this thread, if they're in a good mood they will let you go with a warning, but they take that very seriously here.

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    Just as maikhorma said, this website is strongly against piracy and so am I ...


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