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Thread: how much do u think a nintendo wii cost?I want one. But I don't know if its

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    how much do u think a nintendo wii cost?I want one. But I don't know if its

    in my budget.?

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    ummmm.....they cost about $500

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    $250 or if you get package it will be $500

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    For a good price, it would be around $250 (maybe a bit cheaper). However, if you get a bundle with multiple games, it could go for around $500.

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    Wii costs $250. It comes with WiiSports and a WiiMote.

    There is a set with all of the extras you might need For another $50. It comes with a Wiimote cover (to stop it from slipping out of your hands), an extra wrist strap, a case for your games, and a SD memory card (which is the memory card that you will need specificly for the system).

    It is backwards compatable with the Gamecube, so if you have a cube, you sell it and put the money towards a Wii and still get to play the games.

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    They cost 249.99 and comes with Wii Sports. It includes bowling, golf, tennis, boxing, and baseball. There are also little mini games involving the sports and you can test your wii fitness age. All thee other games cost an extra 50-60 per game, but you can order them cheaper off ebay of get them used at places like EBGames or Gamestop. I would never buy a new game unless you have too. Good luck. I love my system! Although I have other cool Wii games, my finance and I stay up all the time and battle it out with bowling.

    Oh yeah, you also need an SD card, but you don't have to get the wii one (Cause that's expensive). We got ours from bestbuy but I don't know exactly what kind it is

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    if u go on ebay it is alot less then buying a new 1! but don't get an as-is!!!!!!!!! they can be like from $100.00-$500.00(on ebay)and some are new and low price and at the store it is like $500.00 just for a new 1. also on ebay it's not just auctions it's also buynow.


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