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Thread: PAL with Progressive through Force?

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    PAL with Progressive through Force?

    Okay it seems that some very few PAL games do support Progressive Scan.
    Though i canīt try this myself, can anyone confirm this?

    I have tried to launch different games with Neogamma with Pal 480p set.

    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life = Nothing happened it just started normally (if i remember correct)
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle = Started like normal, asked for 60hz.
    Wind Waker + Ocarina Limited = Blue Screen (No Signal), i have composite, so maybe itīs supported?

    Maybe all this was for naught, but letīs hope not

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    I now got Component cables, and i havenīt been able to get Progressive scan on Wind Waker or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Even though i have read that those are supposed to work with Force, atleast Sonic;S
    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Force the region that your Wii is in the loader you are using. NTSC playing Pal = Force NTSC

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    Yeah but canīt get it to work;S
    do you get it to work?
    And if so what games?
    Would really want to get it working on Wind Waker if possible.



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