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Thread: Disney Universe back up freezes at Simba level?

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    Disney Universe back up freezes at Simba level?

    Hello I have completed the softmod on my wii so my kids can play The backups off an external hard drive.

    Currently I have three games that don't work properly

    Disney Universe freezes when you go to play the Simba level?

    Mario Cart does not work at all get an unauthorized devise error message

    abba - So you can dance, does not work freezes with a message "reading disk" for any song

    Just wondering if there is a softmod patch to fix this or if perhaps I have a bad backup files?

    Any comments or feedback are greatly appreciated


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    What guide did you follow? Does your hard drive have a powersaving feature?

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    I followed the wiihacks guide " how to softmod any wii" and no my hard drive does not have a power save feature.

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    Disney Universe won't stop loading

    Hi, I'm having an issue with Disney Universe, the pirate world work just fine, but it stay stuck at every other world I unlock.
    I've notice many peoples had that issue too so i was wondering if someone found the answer to this probleme.

    I'm using USB loader 3.0 (3.1 have issue with kirby dreamland)
    I installed D2X 8 final rev 21 on
    Recommended IOS Base and Slot


    and I tryed to load the game with those 4 slots.

    i also tried cfg loader and wiiflow but I can't get very far in loading games with these 2 apps.

    If you need more info about my setting, just ask.


    By the way, I love this site. find a lot of useful info here.

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    cross posting and thread jacking award goes to Sylverkat82, with reviving dead threads long gone to the wayside...

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    Cool, can I play too?!!??!?!


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