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Thread: Usb microphone help - thanks!

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    Hi folks,

    I am trying to get NOW THATS THAT I CALL MUSIC Dance and Sing to work with a USB Microphone but no matter what I try - the SING options is always greyed out and we cannot select it.

    I have bought a USB mic from GAME (universal mic) and now also tried a 3 in 1 Mic for WII,PS2 and PS3 both do not work???

    The game says compatible with any USB MIC - hmmmm????

    ALSO one last thing - on the 2nd mic i tried there is a MUTE button and an LED comes on when you press the mute button(when the WII is on the home screen and no game loaded) - however as soon as you start to load the NOW SING AND DANCE game CD - the LED will go out as if the power has been cut to the MIC?? If you know what I mean??

    Any idas from you kind folk out there? Do you think the only chance I have is to get hold of an official Nintendo Mic and forget trying to use cheaper, so called compatible mic's?


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    Hey yeogav, Have a look at Peire's Guide It may help you out

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    You need to install IOS58 using DOP-Mii,
    1- Download the latest DOP-Mii and open it then choose IOS 250 in the first screen
    2- Choose the first option after that "IOS, something, MIOS"
    3- Choose IOS58
    4- Click on (+) on Wiimote
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    thanks for the help! I will have a crack and let you know the result.

    Thanks again for the quick replies, much appretiated.


    Oh man - this looks more involved than I thought. I understand you guys are used to this but how the hell do you install homebrew channel - I tried with a method i found on youtube but get a weird 404 error message corrupt files.

    is there a known TOTAL DUMMY'S GUIDE to simply load Homebrew channel and then IOS250 - IOS 58?

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    The anywii guide in my signature will get that done for you. You can read the newbies guide as well if you want to understand it. Youtube videos lead to bricked wiis. Avoid them.


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    Hi, a complete newbie here.
    Just wondered how you got on Gav, was it successful? I have the same problem:
    I have a Wii and haven't done anything to improve it or modify it. I bought the Now! Sing and Dance game for a Christmas present and two compatible 3 in 1 microphones (four now). The problem is that the game does not seem to recognise the mics and only allows the player to select Dance or Career, not Sing. When we borrowed a friend's mics the game worked fine. Also, the mics work when plugged in to our computer. So, how can I connect them to our Wii? Thanks for taking the time to help, I am technologically clueless! If I need to modify the Wii, I need idiot-proof instructions and would be grateful for any advice!

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    Hi - nope I dont think the suggestions on this thread will help. I've managed to install the HomeBrew channel. I followed the procedures on this forum. Anyway after spending an hour installing all wads I tried again and NOPE the mic still deactivates when I launch the Now Sing and Dance. If you want a technophobe way to get this irritating problem fixed then get hold of an official Nintendeo Microphone. It will save you the time and effort and risk of screwing up yer Wii. If you like a challenge then give it a crack, but please let me know if you're successfull with this one.

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    I am running dx2v7 and using 250 with a base of 57 with gx loader usb mic not detected by Now thats what i call music sing and dance

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    I used to have a problem with some of the singing games that used to require a usb mike.
    I tried various usb mikes but still no joy some games worked others didnt.

    I made sure all my IOS were the latest and that I loaded the most appropriate IOS but still some wouldnt detect the mike.

    The one thing I noticed was that no one was really discussing which type of usb mike they had whether it was a generic or the official logitech.

    So my solution was to try the official logitech mikes and hey presto all the problomatic singing games worked.
    Not sure if this alone would solve your problem as you might still need to select the correct IOS to load it with.

    hope this helps in some way.


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