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Thread: System error & Is it possible to remove Mods?

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    Exclamation System error & Is it possible to remove Mods?

    Hi All,

    First off my sincerest apologies if this already exisits, I've scoured the inet and this forum for the answers to my question but to no avail.

    Let me explain; Today I have brought a second hand wii which I knew came loaded with wiiflow previously but the system had since been reformated to its "factory setting" but upon trying to load my games or any channel for that matter (mii, news etc) I get "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the Game Disc, and turn the power off. Please read the Wii operations manual for more information" even if a disk isn't in the console and I click the mii channel I get this message (However after an hour or so of messing around the mii channel has worked but only on occassion.) So what I want to know is as follows:

    • Has the mod actually been removed by simply reformatting the console? If not how can I remove it?
    • Could any permanent damage have occured via the format? If so can this be rectified?
    • Many similar problems seem to state its a lens problem and that it should be cleaned/replaced which I understand for disk reading but would that affect the standard channels?

    I brought this wii in hope to remove the mod myself (dispite having no clues) and simply play a genuine copy of Monster Hunter Tri. Now once again my apologies if this has been answered but I'm abit overwhelmed by all the different issues on the internet that are similar but not quite the same as mine and I'm also sorry for asking moders and hackers alike how I can, in retrospect, remove your work. No offence is meant, I apprechiate what some of you can do and on any other occassion Id be all for modding equpiment but on this occassion as its only 1 game I simply want to play it on a clean console without the worry of it crashing or booting me offline etc.

    Many thanks in advance for any answers I get

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    I think this is what you're looking for but I wouldn't recommend it (the author of the guide doesn't even recommend it!)

    At this point the safest thing for you to do is follow the Softmod Any Wii guide and get your softmod up to date and safely backed up. You should be able to play all original discs, and everything i've seen indicates that it is safe to play online (i've played a little myself with no problems). There is little/no value to removing your mod because it can't really be 100% removed (nintendo will still know), and it is very risky. Good luck.

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