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Thread: WiiFlow issue – newer version WF offers different IOS options under game settings

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    Question WiiFlow issue – IOS options in game settings different on new version

    Recently got a Wii and was fortunate enough to run across your forum with the excellent how-to softmod guide (thank you, mauifrog!). Mod went great and works well, but I’ve run across an issue regarding WiiFlow that confuses me, so hopefully someone can enlighten this noob…
    Initially, I installed WiiFlow v1.0 as part of the modpack, but a few days later became aware that version 2.2 was the latest, so I deleted the WiiFlow v1.0 channel (through the Wii menu settings) and installed v2.2 as a channel – no problem.
    A week later while running game backups from a USB hard drive, I had a game freeze while loading (The Adventures of TinTin) and a Google search turned up the fact that it’s a common problem with this particular game. There was also much contradictory information – some claimed the game was encoded so that it could NEVER be run from a USB device (only from game disc) ,while others said it ran just fine from USB if you changed the individual game settings to run IOS 249 or 250. I fired up WiiFlow v2.2, selected the game, and went into the game’s settings to the IOS selector, which showed “default”. I intended to select one of those IOS’s specified (249 or 250), but only saw as options IOS 202, 222, 223, and 224 – and interestingly, once I started toggling through the list, the “default” setting where it had initially been was now gone; no “default”setting existed anymore, and for no other apparent reason than scrolling through to see what IOS options were available.
    Anyway, I distinctly recalled that the previous version of WiiFlow (v1.0) offered the IOS setting options of 249 and 250 (although no IOS’s in the 220’s are offered as the WiiFlow v2.2 does), so as an experiment I reloaded WiiFlow v1.0 as a channel, went to the same game on the same USB hard drive, then went to the individual game settings, and was now offered a choice of IOS 248, 249, and 250—I selected 250, and the game suddenly ran fine without freezing!
    WiiFlow version 2.2 has to be improved and preferable over version 1.0, but how can I get WiiFlow v2.2 to offer the same IOS choices under individual game settings as WiiFlow v1.0?

    Would really appreciate it if anyone could offer suggestions on this.
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