Hello and thank you for taking your time to help.

I have been running USB Loader GX for about a year and a half without issue. However, all of a sudden the New Super Mario Bros is unplayable, as it locks when loading most levels. What happens is when it attempts to load a level, it will say Loading level 9-3 and after displaying the banner with movement for about 10 seconds the banner will stop having movement. At this point the only button that responds is the Home Button. But if you attempt to go back to the system menu it will hang at a black screen.

Anyone have an idea as to the problem? I have attempted to load with Neo Gamma loader and am having the same results. All other games appear to still be functional.

We have played New Super Mario Bros for many hours, beating each level multiple times and getting almost all gold coins, so I don't think there was an issue with the image.