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Thread: Wii bricked, black screen, DVD drive initializes, nothing on screen

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    Wii bricked, black screen, DVD drive initializes, nothing on screen

    Great site here. I have read most of what is posted about bricked Wii's here and nothing seems to fit my issue. My issues is EXACTLY like this guys:

    Wii Bricked with Black screen Will not boot Up - YouTube

    I can turn the Wii on with the wiimote but nothing. I've tried the savemefrii procedure, nothing as well. Before the problems I was using DOP-mii and botched something up bad. I didn't follow steps correctly and now I'm here. Live, learn..move on. My wii is a launch day that has an original Wiikey in it. I was at 4.3u when I blew it. I did happen to make a Nand.bin and Keys.bin backup from Bootmii but unfortunately I did not install it as boot2.


    No video / menu.
    Have Nand.bin and Keys.bin
    Savemiifrii didn't work

    Is it worth trying a Savemii dongle? Will infectus low level guide be the better choice? Should I just buy a new Wii?

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    Dop-Mii can be a dangerous tool, as you have discovered. Being a launch day wii and having nand/keys is good. Worse case scenario is that you have someone flash the nand. We have a few people here in the states that can do that for you. Hopefully they will chime in and offer their service. Better yet, maybe they can tell you another way to recover.

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    Yeah....I don't know what I was thinking. I hope someone could assist if possible.


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