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    Acess Denied

    Hi everyone
    For quite some time now i have been having trouble getting on to this website,every time i try i get the message Acess Denied the owner of this site( banned your access based on your browsers signature (021b2ff-bl1)(ref.1010).This came out of the blue i can't even think what might have caused it ,i have tried using the app but i would rather use the site properly ,can anyone help me please ?

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    I'll pass this on to the site Administrators so they can take a look at what might be causing the problem.

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    Thank you very much.

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    What browser are you using?

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    Hi am using internet explorer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyver3
    Hi am using internet explorer.
    Try to use Mozilla Firefox! Let us know if you still get that error!

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