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Thread: MMM forwarder issues

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    MMM forwarder issues

    I have just pent the last hour using the google search feature, and I cant find a definititive answer, so apologies if this is a basic question

    I have followed "Soft mod Guide", which works great.

    I feel confident now after reading all about WADS and channel forwarders that I can install them.

    I thought I would start off by using the MMM forwarder from bmarlo's guide. I have installed MMM as an app, which is working fine.

    Heres my system check report...


    I have tried to install the MMM forwarder using MMM, but it does not install, I think the reason for this is that I do not have IOS36 patched.

    I have read about patching IOS36, If i perform this patch, will this conflict with anything I already have installed causing a Briik?

    Many thanks.

    ( I hope this post is not the pot calling the kettle black)


    Wasnt sure about WAD manager 1.7, but ive installed it, and tried it, and 2/3 WADS i wanted to install have done. Seems to be an issue with the WAD manager within MMM.
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    Load IOS236, 249, 250, to install wads such as the MMM forwarder.

    And your IOS36 is patched according to your syscheck.

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