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Thread: Help for clueless mother who accidentally bought a moded wii

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    Help for clueless mother who accidentally bought a moded wii

    I hope you'll be patient with me--I don't know much at all about wii's. For Christmas this year I bought my kids a wii from a guy on craigslist. It has a console and 2 nunchucks, 2 remote controls, and something else that senses motion and it goes on top of the tv. The guy told me it was moded but, I didn't really know what that meant. He gave me a stack of dvd's with games on them. Most of them work. The homepage on it has a box that says "homebrew." I think that's important but I don't know why. I have now learned that moded means that the wii has been jailbroken and that now we can use downloaded games. But, I have a few questions:
    Can we use wii disks from the store?
    What is homebrew and what does it do?
    I think I'll have more questions if you're willing to answer.

    Thanks so much,

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    This site does not support playing illegally downloaded Wii games (aka piracy), so please do not ask for any help with that. As far as playing your legally purchased games, it may or may not play some of them depending on how it was modded, and how recent the mod is.

    For a further understanding of what was done to your Wii and what the Homebrew Channel is, read THIS THREAD.

    Once again, I must reiterate that we do not support playing games that you do not legally own, and any discussion involving this will cause your thread to be closed immediately. We do provide support for playing backups of your legally purchased discs. Keep this in mind when posting in the future.

    Also, please make a post in the Introduce Yourself section of the site. Someone will be along to give you some great links and more info.

    Welcome to WiiHacks!

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