Okay, i have an CRT that has a flat screen but is big, sadly it got warped picture so i really donīt want to use it (else i love it).
So i had another TV, a 32 inch lcd.
I know that LCD and other Progressive screens are bad at showing Analog content, so i wasnīt hoping much, but when i connected my Wii through composite i was pretty suprised.
I thought, This quality is much more than expected, this is going to be heaven;D!

But then i realised, that when moving around, or changing camera views, there is ghosting or noise appearing (i think everyone has this?).
So know i am wondering, is this thanks to the Deinterlacing needed? (as i have tried RGB(Scart) through Xbox).
Will it be better, and i mean, alot better with the ghosting, if i have component 480p?

Of course i know that LCD do have some ghosting or lag issues to a certain amount depending on how well itīs made and the tech used, but this is to much.