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Thread: microphone and softmodded Wii

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    microphone and softmodded Wii

    I followed the how to softmod any Wii guide on this forum (the day after Christmas) and got things working nicely with Wiiflow, configurable usb loader and usb loader GX, loading purchased games off an external USB rather than using the discs, with priiloader blocking any possible attempts to update the console, etc...

    Everything was working fine until I was asked to get a game working that comes with its own USB microphone (Disney's "Sing It Party Hits"). After trying all the suggestions I could find, various cIOSes in various slots, etc... I still face the same problem that the game starts, but hangs at "please wait..." where I assume the system is trying to detect a microphone. When I play the game directly off the disc w/o using the USB loader, there is no hang and the microphone just works.

    I'm pretty confident I've got all likely-to-work cIOS updates in place, and I've tried telling the usb loader to use just about any possible IOS, but am stuck and getting nowhere now. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's my current syscheck...



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    Turns out my cIOS updates are all fine, but what was causing the game loading problem had nothing to do with the microphone, but everything to do (somehow) with the wbfs file split that was done when the game was installed from the console to the external drive (both from WiiFlow and USB Loader GX).

    This was the first game I've run that was larger than the 4Gb split size on a FAT32 filesystem, so simply using WBFS or NTFS fixed it for me. I suppose I could try to run FAT32 again, letting a windows-based backup manager split the resulting .wbfs properly for me, but it looks like the latest USB Loader GX and WiiFlow installing a game that's larger than 4Gb doesn't work so well, or at least not this particular game.


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