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Thread: Installing Netflix

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    Installing Netflix

    Hello everyone,

    a long time ago I successfully softmodded my Wii following the guides on this forum. Now I would like to install the Netflix channel and I have read several topics on the subject, but I am still uncertain and afraid that I may brick my Wii in the process.

    So this is my situation: I am running 4.2E, and my homebrew channel is version 1.0.8, iOS38 v. 14.25. I am in Europe, and from what I hear that can be a problem (I use a VPN to watch netflix).

    So I guess my questions would be:

    1. How do I install the Netflix channel even if I am not in the US? I can play NTSC games via USB Loader, does that mean my Wii is region-free?
    2. How do ensure that by installing Netflix from the shop I do not accidentally update the system and brick the Wii? When I try to access the shop, it asks me to activate WiiConnect24.
    3. Do I need/should I update the softmod?

    Thank you for your help and for your time.

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    1) No idea.
    2) Follow the Netflix guide
    3) Not necessary for istalling Netflix, but your HBC is running on the wrong IOS. Updating would fix that. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig).
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    Thank you very much for your help! I will try to update my HBC as soon as I have a little time, and then I will look into installing Netwflix. I will keep you posted
    Thanks a lot for now

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