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Thread: MKWii and SSBB doesn't read in discplay!

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    MKWii and SSBB doesn't read in discplay!

    hi there, I am new here and I am seriously desprerate right now.

    I have a 4.3E wii version (PAL) and I have homebrew in 2 year completely, maybe more but I didn't install bootmii and that's a shame.
    I installed Homebrew for 2-3 years ago with bannerbomb on 4.1-2E, it was good and everything!
    the only thing I using is ocarina/gecko 1.9.1/riivulotion and kinda of USB loader GX.
    everything went excellent! no error or anything.

    but until for 2 christmas ago (2009-10), it got disc updated by my little sister without I knew that and it updated into 4.3E and Homebrew channel disappeared.
    couldn't use bannerbomb or something to reinstall it.
    at spring/summer I got my hands on Stack Brawl (PAL version) and succeeded to install HBC once again.

    the only problem there was I couldn't install a an channel with Riivolution, I getting an error each time (dont know if it was my wii or Riivolution itself)
    used Riivolution for Codes and Hacks to SSBB to make machinimas with.
    and until autumm 2011, I tried to reinstall USB Loader GX caused I missed it but it wasn't a big succeesion. I can get into USB loader and select a game but I can't play something, each time I selecting a game I ending up at the game selection.
    the same day, I wanted to test a MKWii mod on riivolution so I did that and everything went okay with that.

    some days later, I notice BOTH MKWii and SSBB couldn't be played in Disc Channel in main menu. you can select it, press start and it's suppose to load up so you can play it but it's black, the wii is frozen and the wii remote turns off.
    but I could play them in discplay before I tried to reinstall USB Loader GX
    gets the same results on ocarina and gecko, but they are full readable on riivolution so I can play them there (thank god)

    and so, I have tried to fix this and now I am desperate. I want them to be playable at Disc channel too!
    my I knowing saying I should update the wii system so it can "resett" or "reinstall" their original ISOs so I can start over again but each time I trying I get error code 32024.

    Sum-up and what I know:
    * things went wrong AFTER I tried to reinstall USB Loader GX
    * Only MKWii and SSBB is not readable in discplay/orcarina/Gecko but fully readable in Riivolution
    * all the other games is fully readable in discplay.
    * I know ISO 254 and ISO 250 has a fakeSign thanks by AnyTitle Deleter v1.1 but not ISO249
    * AnyTitle Deleter v1.1 gets freeze when I pressing "down" on my wiiremote
    * AnyTitle Deleter v1.0 can't delete anything, gets error
    * can't get report from sysCheck (the newest version), it telling something about "ISO36"
    * Wii System Update gets the error code 32024

    The thing I want is to get the Discplay to read MKWii and SSBB again and still have riivolution to do machinimas with.
    I can live without USB Loader GX or stuff like that, just with riivolution and I am happy!

    does anyone know what the problem is? please help me, I wanna recover my wii ;_;
    also, I am sorry if it are bad grammar somewhere but I tried the best I could, I am a Swede

    and thank you on beforehand!
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    Have you tried the update any wii guide on this website?
    Seems like a fresh install is what you need.

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    the update any wii guide?

    could you link it? I wanna see that :3

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    You will find it in the FAQ section.

    Softmod any wii.

    Follow the guide EXACTLY, do not miss out any steps.
    Even Bears Play With Wii's!!

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    okay, I got confused.

    exactly where and what should I do in softmod any wii? I am so confused

    should I reinstall HBC with everything? O.o

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    Start from the beggining of the guide and go from softmodded wii with home brew channel installed.
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    so you saying I should do the steps AFTER i have HBC in the guide and down?

    all I want is a discplay that can play everygame and a riivolution for hacks O.o can live without USB Loader GX and that stuff

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    Chapter1,part1, For wii's with home brew channel installed. Press the + tab and Do everything it says from there onwards until you've completed the whole guide.
    That way everything will be uptodate and fresh.
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    so I need to reinstall HBC and install every ISOs to get the discplay work for MKWii/SSBB?

    wouldn't be easier if I just (re)install ISO36 and ISO249 if I not mistaken me


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