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Thread: some thing is wrong with my softmod....HELP

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    some thing is wrong with my softmod....HELP

    i softmoded my 4.3 wii with mauifrog's softmod any wii guide like at the beginning of 2011 and it was working fine...then there was a bad burning of a game (which i didnt know was burned incorrectly) that tried to fix by installing some wads and cIOS that i dont remember which were....after that the hack is still working but there are some games that no matter how many guides i follow they wont work. i came to the forums once again to find out that Mauifrog's guide had some updates...i did them (not the IOS update part), now my wii is 4.1U and has all the wads of the guide installed. But...still games that require a cIOS with base 57 such as modern warfare 3...and games that require other cIOS like Monster Hunter Tri...wont work..doesnt matter what i do. i Have wii flow (which doesnt work now) Configurable USB Loader, Usb loader GX and a universal USB loader and Neogamma r9 54 beta which selects IOS automatically....and none of them run the mayority of the games that i have...i can only play skyward sword perfectly...but the others i cant. Here is my system check...plz someone tell me whats wrong and how to fix it. thanks

    sysCheck v2.1.0b7 by Double_A

    here you dont see IOS 250 base 57...i had it and the games didnt work either. and the IOS249[37] (rev 19) i recently installed it to test something but i had the one that came in Mauifrog's guide...i had every original wad from Mauifrog's guide and the games didnt work.
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    Go to the any wii guide and use the spoiler for updating a maui softmod.

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