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Thread: Controller options for the new Wiis (no GC support)

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    Controller options for the new Wiis (no GC support)

    I'd like to get a GC or N64 style controller for my wii. Ideally I'd want it to work with wii games like ssb, as well as emulators (fceugx, snex9gx, wii64). The problem is I have one of the new blue wii's without GC support so getting a normal gc controller and plugging it in the back is not an option. I'm having trouble determining what will work because product descriptions don't really address emulators or the fact that some new wii's don't have gc support.

    Does anybody have any thoughts or experiences with this? Thanks in advance.

    PS. I'm not too concerned how it connects, full wireless, teathered to wiimote, or even if there's an option for the 2nd USB port on the wii. Compatibility with wii and emus is more important to me.

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    You could use the wii classic controller it plugs into the wii remote.

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    Thanks. Personally i'd prefer the classic controller pro, but i've seen some posts related to issues with them. From what i've seen they may be out dated or just strange issues with specific people. I take that with a grain of salt because i'd expect if people get one and it works well, they don't just create a post about it. Can anyone confirm that the pro is a good option?

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    Thanks for the ideas and experiences. I got my Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro yesterday from bestbuy (had a gift card to get rid of, so didn't bother with other cheaper options). It works as well as I had hoped. It makes sense since it plugs into the wiimote that it works everywhere the wiimote does (homebrew, emulators and games that expect it to work). I may chose to switch the buttons in some of the emulators, but for now I am pleased.

    Thanks again.


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