Hi all

I am 100% new to all this so please excuse if i have done this in the wrong section or something took me 2 hour just to find new tread lol

I have dumped No More Hereos usa with RawDump2.0 and tried to change the region to pal. when doing this a message popped up stating the file could be scrambled & when i burned it it didn't work in the wii. I looked into unscrabelrling the file and found several programs for this but none of the programs reconised the file as they state it needs to be a wii file or wod file ( something like that )

So what i am asking is how do i change this dumped image file into a iso file i can burn and will work on my wii ??

The dumped file just shows up as image file i have attached a picture of the dumped file if that helps

Thanks in advance