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Thread: Am I missing something? - Storage Read1 Failed

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    Am I missing something? - Storage Read1 Failed

    I've been trying to load my backup of Super Smash Bros Brawl from an SDHC card. The card is formatted to WBFS using WBFS Manager 4.0, and used the same program to load the game onto the card. I right clicked and hit Eject before removing the card from my computer, popped it into my Wii and tried to load the game with Neogamma, but when I tried to load the game it said Storage Read1 Failed. I then tried to do it with USB Loader, but it just freezes on the screen with the wiimote buttons on it and I have to reset the console.

    Did I do something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Format the card as FAT32 and rip the game directly through your preferred USB loader.
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    It doesn't let me because FAT32 doesn't allow files over 4GB, and this game is 7.41GB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tagix2 View Post
    It doesn't let me because FAT32 doesn't allow files over 4GB, and this game is 7.41GB
    your loader will split it correctly for you

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    It still isn't working. Neogamma still gives me a storage read1 failed error and USB Loader doesn't even launch.
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    Just trying to get this straight. Does neogamma boot? Is neogamma a channel or from a forwarder?
    What about USB loader?

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    They're both installed as channels. Neogamma fully loads but errors when trying to load up the game from the SDHC card. USB Loader gets stuck on it's first screen and I have to reset the console.

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    Is the sd card on the compatability list?
    Is it the latest version of neogamma?
    Have you booted the game before off a different device?

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    Doesn't seem to be, I'm using a PNY 8GB.

    I never really checked the version of neogamma, it's the version that came with the pack in Softmod any Wii guide.

    I don't have another device.


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