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Thread: Wii Skylanders & USB LoaderGX issue FIXED !!!

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    Wii Skylanders & USB LoaderGX issue FIXED !!!

    Hello andHappy New Year All,
    I to have a softmodded 4.3 wii with an external hd. My son and I had the sameproblem as everyone else trying to use the Skylanders game with usb loader gx.The problem is when you connect the little wifi usb hub from the skylandersportal of power to the wii it will not work with the external HD is plugged in.So I read all the stuff about how to change the cISO from 245 to 223. And itWORKED!!! ...orso I thought .The next day my son told me that at a certon point in the game the portal keepturning off. I took a look for myself and it was true. I knew it was not thebatteries or a sink issue, but what? Something keeps turning over in my mind...why did wii choose to use a wifi usb device and not just connect a usb cablefrom the portal to the wii??? Next I boxed up the skylanders game and return itto the store. I exchanged it for the
    PC version of the skylanders game- why...because it has usb cableconnected to the portal. The Xbox version has a cable but Xbox only work withXbox. The 3DS version also has a usb cable but the portal is too small for twoplayers. But when I connected the PC portal with the usb cable to the wii… to my surprise the portal light came on, the usbloader GX started, the game started, EVERYTHING WORKS 100%. YEAH!!!

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    Hmmm...interesting. Thanks for the info.


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