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Thread: Havent updated my Wii homebrew in a long time

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    Havent updated my Wii homebrew in a long time

    Long story short, right now I have a Wii in 4.2 and Darkcorps 1.0, I want to play newer games, which means I want to update to something more recent that allows me to play games such as Xenoblade and Skyward sword, however, Im scared to F up somewhere, since its been so long since I last touched it, I have the homebre channel installed(obviously) and the thing that was needed to play Monster Hunter Tri. Is anyone willing to help me personally(I had a hard time softmodding my wii the first time, since I didnt have anyone to answer the questions that arose during the proccess)

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    follow this guide. its broken down by spoiler tabs and chapters. in chapter ONE it has a spoiler for Softmods with homebrew installed. start there and follow the guide all the way to the end. you will have NO issues playing any of the newest games.


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